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This is just a few days old but something I have always been meaning to do as I have never been happy with most Admin Forums out there. Whether it be their complexity of their forum layout, the way they are managed or the horrendous look of them, I just never really felt that there was a Forum Admin site out there that fit into my idea of how one should be run.

This is not for everyone. No forum software discussion is permitted that is free and hosted elsewhere (proboards etc). The idea is to filter out the nonsense, such as "Looking for admins" and other basic noise like that.

Our Community Showcase will be able to be filtered based on Forum software and all submissions will have a screenshot associated with the thread for their forum index page, forum listing page and their thread display page for historical reference.

If you change your forum software you will simply have to request to have the thread_prefix updated.

Our focus will be on more serious minded Admins who have gotten pass the "basics" and are looking to get more out of their forum.

Hope to see you over there.



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Looks clean. Nice.

Try adding some padding to the following below so there's a little breathing space between the container and text that resides inside.

#networkfooter {
    padding: 10px;

Brent W

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Looks better.

Tinkering in firebug but wondering if you think the text inside the container would look better on the right. Probably a preference driven thing but on the chance you haven't tried already i think it looks more spacious and easier reading.

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I might play around with that when I get some time. Thanks for that suggestion.


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I assume you made a typo with the description of the Community Showcase forum:
Show off your forum community. Must have at least 25,000 posts before you are allowed to post. Any that do not meet this requirement will be deleted