forum_list_nodes hook is MIA?


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trying to put rotating banners on forum_list_nodes but its like it don't exist .

how do i show something under the forum nodes list and no where else?



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If there is an ad template in that locations, use a conditional statement to only display on a named template.

If there is no as template or hook, you would need to edit the template to add your own template or code where you want it.

Or if you are using a template modification, you should be able to target the exact position using a simple replacement or regex.


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when using debug mode to show hook locations it shows
as a hook, but if you try to call it its MIA

Problem is trying to add something under the forum home node list, to stretch forums to match sidebar length ...

if you use the bottom of nodelist template it puts it on forum view that has subforms too , i only want to show on forum home


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Why not just use a template modification for the forum list template?
Find <xen:sidebar>
Replace <xen:include template="your_template" /> $0