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Lack of interest Forum_List/Category overhall - new node

Enguerran A

Well-known member
Hello there,

I was thinking of the way I will customize XenPorta to my portals and then, forums came to my mind so I will make this thread so that you can't think an other way than me ;)

Let's say that we have 3 portals, each one of them for one game. we will add our blocks where we want etc... we all know how XenPorta work. Due to the fact we want our visitors not to be bored when the come in our site, we want them to find what they are looking for in one click (what a joke). Naturally, we would use Nodes as Tabs in order to have, either a tab per thema (good solution) or a tab "Themas" in which you can find the three portals (better solution if you have a tons of different portals).

Well at this point our visitor is happy, if he wants to know more about "Thema 1", he has his tab "Thema 1" :) but here come troubles, unfortunatly :/

Let's talk about the forum_list as the title says.

Our visitor is happy if he has to check articles but when he has to go into the forum, this poor visitor become sad. Sad because in huge board, the forum is a little bit scary and there is a huge chance that he doesn't create an account and we don't want that.

As portals, I think Xenforo needs to make some changes in the node-leveling system using this category page system or a better one. If for example I click on the forum for my "Thema 1", the design will be ugly in comparison to the main forum page. Also, if you have more than 1 category in your first thema, there is a problem because this system won't display all the forums related to this thema.

When my thread is long, my suggestion is short =D that's why you can't think an other way than me >:D

The solution is a new node I call Container.

The Container is similar to the category. People will say that it's exactly the same but at the end, it's not. When Categories are able to have or not a page, Container will be a page. They are nothing but a page in which you have nodes. The only thing is that they are not displayed in the main forum_list because that's not their goal.

At first I wanted Xenforo to display every category pages the same way as the forum list, and on top of that, the ability to choose which category has to have a page and which has not.

Now I think I only need this Container which will act as a forum_list_2, 3, 4, x. of course, if Containers act as a new forum list, every nodes inside will be displayed as in the main forum_list. It's pretty simple to update even for huge board, you just have to move your forums inside a new Container and it's done. The configuration is also simple, the same as for categories. The only thing important here is that the Container has to have a node_level to 0

This node tree is what I would like to have and I'm sure people who are running Xenforo with a lot's of different subject will see what I'm saying (I'm reminding a french joke with that sentence ^^)

- Thema 1 (will have a page container but isn't visible in the forum_list)
- - Thema 1 Cat 1 (won't have a page category but is visible in the forum_list)
- - - Forum 1
- - - Forum 2
- - - Forum 3
- - Thema 1 Cat 2 (won't have a page category but is visible in the forum_list)
- - - Forum 1
- - - Forum 2
- - - Forum 3
- Thema 2 (etc...)

That way you can decide to have forums in many categories only on one page and if your visitor want to go to an other big thema forum, he can still use an other tab (if you have add tabs) OR go the the main forum :)

If I'm not understandable, I'm sorry. That's the first time I write something that long in an other language than mine ;)