XF 1.4 forum url issue

anmol dubey

I have installed xenforo inside a folder "forums"

Post installation i had created a custom page node which is at "www.websitename.com/forums/pages/homepage"

Settings :
board url - http://websitename.com/forums/
index route - pages/homepage
homepage url - pages/homepage


After doing this when i click on any of the forum pages url looks like below


Why are two forums appearing in the url? How can i solve this issue?

Note - when i click on thread the url looks normal like - http://websitename.com/forums/threads/tutorial-how-to-post-a-new-thread.279/


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You cannot remove the /forums/ route, but you can change it using Route Filters. Otherwise you have to rename your forums folder to something else, such as community.

Tracy Perry

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Any particular reason you didn't place it in your root?
It's picking up the "forums" from your directory name. Move it into /community and you will see one of the forums change to /community.