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I'd love to:
That the forum would be updated once a year.
That updates would be created according to the plan, with exact binding to dates.
That would be once a year, on a certain day, there was a video presentation of the new forum.
That would be once a month, work on bugs came out and once a year a completely updated forum, with visual changes and new features.
I understand that this is difficult and the work is uneven, but if there were plans, then there would be more achievements, development would go straight up, there would be motivation to be in time and fulfill. More would come users who once a year paid and helped develop the forum from a financial point of view.
I would really like to see a video on how an ordinary user can create a forum from scratch without any knowledge. That everything would be simple, clear, transparent.
At the moment, one of the most popular topics on the forum: "When will the new forum 2.2 update be released?"
If updates came out according to plan, there would be more payments for subscriptions and forum purchases. See how Apple does it and this method has proven itself and works well, bringing in large revenues and development opportunities.

I apologize for my English, but I hope I got my point.
You do realise that with your example of Apple.

1) They have almost an almost infinite resource pool of developers to achieve what they need
2) They have a huge budget to buy companies for things that are cheaper to buy than develop
3) They have a captive platform. There are no deviations to standard on say a iPhoneX. Unlike here with I have php7.4.6 on nginx , Bob has 7.3.1 on nginx , and Dave runs IIS with php7.4.

I strongly suspect that XF have an internal roadmap. No other software providers other than Apple that I can think have a set date for software release, and a public roadmap.
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