Add-on Forum Sponsor


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I need a Forum Sponsor add on like the one I used for Vbulletin before I converted to Xenforo:

The add on should add the following to the node edit page for each forum:

1. Checkbox with yes/no option to activate the forum sponsor for that forum
2. Space to insert the link to the sponsor banner
3. Space for text sponsor description

An example of what it should like is at the top of my education forum here:

The Modern Appraiser Roadshow banner and the text below it are for the forum sponsor.

The forum sponsor banner should appear ONLY at the top on the forum_view page for that forum in the spot where ad_below_top_breadcrumb templates places ads. The ads should NOT appear on threads under that forum, which is by design. Or it would be nice if there were an option to allow the forum sponsor ads also appear for the threads under that forum.

The VB one was really easy to use and is the only big disappointment I have encountered after converting to XenForo.

I have accomplished the forum sponsorships using conditionals and the ad templates with XenForo, but it is very tedious and time consuming to set up a new sponsorship, and to remove a sponsorship when it expires as it requires manually adding all the code in the ad_below_top_breadcrumb template for each forum and having conditionals so it won't appear in the threads and so forth. In other words it is a pain to do manually each time someone sponsors or stops sponsoring an individual forum.

If anyone can help, or needs further info on this request please let me know.