"Forum software by XenForo" shows up on Facebook


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When I post the forum URL (domain.com/community/) I get a shared link object on Facebook where some part of it reads "Forum software by XenForo". Is there a way to alter this? Board meta name?


Chris D

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Hmm, seeing as I know your new board URL, I thought I would try this...

That part generated from the sites meta description tag.

That means it's picking up the default XenForo meta description from somewhere.

Did you perhaps try to share the page while the board still had its default meta description? If so, Facebook will have cached it. And I mean SUPER cached. The Facebook cache is horrible. It could stick for ages.


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You are absolutely right. I remember trying out the "share page" function earlier today. At that time my board had the old meta description I know for sure. A few hours ago I changed it. But so far Facebook is showing me the same description. I just pasted a link on Facebook now with the same result as before. Will the cache ever let go of the obsolete meta description?

I wish I would have known some of the effects of messing around with Facebook. It would have helped.


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As Chris said above, the CACHE does take a bit to update. I didn't read the entire convo, my bad.