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My users are complaining my forum being slow
I have the default template and only the badge plugin installed

Most of the slowness comes from third party script such as the advertising

Can anyone help me with reducing the loading time and the mb used?
It's not responding. Connection timeout. Looks like the issue with server/hosting. Is it a shared host?
  1. You seem to have a lot of (inefficient) 3rd party stuff (RSS feeds, tracking, ads, at.) on your site
    This does slow down things, try to get rid of 3rd party resources as much as possible
  2. You seem to be using a TCFv2 CMP (Quantcast), but this is not set up correctly:
    3rd party scripts like Google Analytics do already get loaded before consent is given
    Fix that so any tracking/advertising scripts do only get loaded after consent has been given, this will improve FCP/LCP/ significantly
  3. Caching of static assets is not configured correctly, fix that
  4. You might want to try my Add-on Font Awesome Manager to reduce the impact of Font Awesome on page loading
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Hello dear community
I still need someone to help me with this
A zoom session where we do the fix together is appreciated
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