Forum runner BS


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Anyone tolerating the forum runner plug-in? I am. And periodically I have to clear the error log of this message:

Undefined variable: mykey Tuesday at 12:14 AM - library/ForumRunner/CronEntry/Push.php:31

The plugin has not been updated since March 1, 2013, it appears.

Am I alone in using this silly thing?


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He shared a link to his upcoming mobile phone app. The wink indicates you should use this app when he actually releases the app.

Tracy Perry

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I dumped Forum Runner when IB took it over. Of the two at that time, I liked it better than Tapatalk. Don't use either one now on my XenForo forums.


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IB equals uninstall for me.

You aren't needing anything extra for your mobile traffic as the responsiveness of XF does that for you.