Forum Partners Wanted

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Hey all,

I was about to clean out my Domain list when i saw a few that i was excited about when purchasing them but you know how it goes you forget about them and before you know it your committed to something else.

I have these Domains sitting in waiting:
  • (4WD = 4 Wheel Drive mainly in Australia, World Wide 4x4 is the more generic term)
  • (Growing Niche, Which is very popular and is very very profitable when done right)
Id be happy to discuss these in depth with potential candidates who would consider working with me on these, Id dearly love to tackle them on my own but i do need to get my main project "Expert Pixels" going once and for all.

If indeed anyone is interested in getting the established please get in touch with me ASAP, otherwise i may just end up selling the domain names, TY.

Regards, Darren