XF 1.1 Forum Options / user posts / update count?


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I have set a specific Node to "Count messages posted in this forum toward user total" to "no".
Now a user has posted a Forum-post in this node.

Now I changed this setting to show the post-count for that node.
How do I update this in order to show the post for the user in his post-count?

I have run "Cache Tools" in order to update the post-count, however it dooes not show that the user has posted a forum-post in that user's profile (set-card).


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hmmm... why doesn`t it update automatically when building caches ?

user-data should get updated automatically when changing options. not willing to mess in some code to get simple things done :(


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Because you have changed the forum configuration regarding post counts; doing so doesn't retroactively update post counts.