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Hi there, I have one big problem... My forum was hacked, and all nodes was deleted. But with no rebuilding (all posts and threads are in DB right now).
Is there any way to recovery nodes of forum with content in it? Forums are imported from phpBB installation, an can forum lists with same ids can be re-imported again. But threads...
First step of xenForo after running web server - deleting all posts and threads completely, now they are alive in backup.
Any suggestions?
Sorry for my bad English:unsure:
UPD: Sorry... Incorrect forum...
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I would recommend restoring from a backup but only after you have determined how they managed to gain access and made changes to prevent it happening again.

Floyd R Turbo

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If you do into the DB and look at the table xf_thread and all the node IDs are still there (i.e., not all set to zero) then there may be a way to recover this. If you have a backup of the initial conversion, you may be able to export the xf_node table and then import that into your live DB, that would restore all the nodes and then the threads associated with those nodes could be restored.

This also assumes that you didn't add any nodes after the conversion, but even if you did, you might be able to re-add those (in the order you added them in after the conversion) and then those nodes would be assigned the next numerical node ID, which would then restore the thread-node association. Maybe.

Floyd R Turbo

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I should emphasize that you need to make a backup copy of your hacked DB before doing anything to it.

Another possibility is that you can re-create all the nodes and then afterwards go into the DB and manually re-number the nodes. So let's say that you had 34 nodes, and when you create a new one it labels it 35 and so on. You would re-number this to 1 and so on. I've never tried this though, there might be another table that references node numbers also but I'm not sure, so if there is and these conflict then you would have to track down the conflicting table(s) and make the correction manually in both.

I've done a lot of this manual manipulation of tables as part of a conversion I am working on and so far I've been able to do a lot of tweaks and changes without corrupting the database. My methods are a bit of a work-around since I don't know mySQL very well and don't know how to write fancy queries and such, but I am a whiz with Excel, DigDB, and Notepad++, and you can get a long way with those as long as your table doesn't contain BLOB entries....those I'm clueless about :)