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I've read the manual but cannot figure out how to create a forum moderator that has mod perms for only the forum I have added them to. They still have global perms. I created a UG for them and ticked the perms I want them to have, added them to that UG, and then I went into the node tree and added them to the respective forums. But I cannot figure out how to limit their powers to only that forum. ?


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Specifically note the second paragraph in Brogan's post that he linked to. Just adding them to a usergroup doesn't make them a moderator. You have to do this in ACP > Users > Moderators.
Yes I did that right off, but they still have global perms. I know it can be done, I just don't understand how to do it. If I am understanding it halfway, it is not easy to do in that there's no way to set up a UG that can a member can be added to, after which time a forum can simply be assigned to him. It sounds like all moderators have to be added to the core default Moderator group, and from there they can be added to the Forum Mod UG, and after that they must be added to the forum you want to them limited to? Even if that's correct I still don't get how to limit their tools to just the forum they are assigned.


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Adding to the Moderating user group doesn't make someone a moderator.

You don't need to use that user group at all, if you don't want to.

Set the permissions in the forum you make them a content moderator of.


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To limit the permissions of a moderator to just one forum you will have to add their permissions in ACP > Users > Moderators >Forum Moderator

Any permissions given to them in a usergroup (or indeed as a Super Moderator in the ACP) will apply globally.
You don't need to use that user group at all, if you don't want to.
That one-liner solved it for me. As soon as I read that the light bulb came on. I asked myself why I'd created the UG to begin with, and the reason was because I wanted to use the Custom Banner addon and by creating the Forum Mod UG I could assign them their own banner. All I did just now was remove all permissions for the forum mod UG and that took all their mod perms excpet for the forums where I have them assigned, yet they retained their custom banners.

So the "nightmare" was not in XF, it was in my head (as usual). This software continues to humble me. Thanks.
The Moderating user group is actually one of the four default user groups, which can't be deleted.
Yes, I was referring to the Forum Moderator UG I'd created so I could assign Forum Moderators to that UG to which I had assigned a custom banner (not custom title). The custom banner addon cannot be used to assign custom banners to individual members at least that I can tell. So that was the only purpose I had created that UG for. Problem was, I had given that UG moderator permissions which unbeknownst to me was giving them global perms. Once I removed those perms for that UG the problem was solved. Your single sentence made me aware of that.
A different problem now, but close enough related I think I can get away with asking it here. I just created a Staff Forum for the Forum Moderators, but the forum is visible to all even guests who are not signed in. I ticked the permissions on the forum after I created it - and gave the various perms I wanted each group to have. I left Registered at Inherit and only gave perms to the mods, but anyone and everyone can see it.
I did that to hide it, but none of my other staff forums are ticked private, yet they are only visible to the member groups I allow. I wonder what I've done different on this one?
I just looked at all of my staff forum perms, and they all have a ton of Revokes. I set all the perms for these forums but it was a while ago and I forgot how I did it. I guess I used revokes but now have to refresh my memory. Not going to do anything else though ntil I understand clearly how I should do this.
One last ? - when it says to never use Never as it cannot be overridden, does that mean it is literally irreversible? I do not plan on ever using never just curious.


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I recommend reading this: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/implementing-permissions-across-multiple-user-groups.358/

Revoke the view permission for the Registered user group, allow it for the user groups you want to be able to view.
Isn't making a node Private and then explicitly allowing the view permission for specific groups a better way to do it than revoking view rights for Registered and Allowing for the specific groups?

One last ? - when it says to never use Never as it cannot be overridden, does that mean it is literally irreversible? I do not plan on ever using never just curious.
Correct. Never can never be overridden.