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Forum Logo Request


Hi everyone, I must say this is the first time i've seen this section. It's nice to see a section here for artless people like myself.

I'd like a logo for my website which is about manufacturing relocation.

Type of Image: Logo
Text on image: MFG Base
Colour Scheme: To suit a blue theme or the default theme (I'm flexible)
Size (in pixels): probably 200x75 but I'll work with what I can take :)
Animations: no thanks

I'm really not sure what I can offer as a guide, it should be fairly corporate not to grungy or rough.

Thanks in advance :D


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without seeing the site it is a shot in the dark. all i really have to go on is 'manufacturing relocation'.
its a transperent png, so it should work well on any background.
hope you dig it :)