XF 1.5 Forum loading very slow when open (only forum) [Image Proxy Responsible]


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Having a weird problem today. I can access my server properly (VPS) and can get into cpanel/whm no problem, my server can be pinged normally. But when the board is "open" its taking several minutes to load, but the minute I close the board everything loads instantly: https://orojackson.com/

I switched to HTTPS for everyone just yesterday, we have currently 1,400 visitors or so online.

My server has no problem and loads are normal, even confirmed with host. Only the front end xenforo part of the site is taking ages to load.

Could this indicate a problem I need to fix?


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We have 5GB RAM

Our server CPU, RAM & SSD usage were regular and not hitting any of our VPS limits.

However, serving images via the proxy crippled our server. The images were being viewed simultaneously by at least 1000+ members (5/6 images on the first post of the thread being viewed by a lot of people).

Does the image proxy have any known issues that can cause this? There were no errors in ACP, no errors in cpanel, nothing. Just that turning the proxy of immediately sorted out all the issues. Also explains why when the board was turned off, everything was loading fine.


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Are you running PHP-FPM? Have you limited the number of workers to a low amount?

The image proxy needs to fetch the remote image, so it means PHP can be running (though not really working) for a few seconds. If you have the number of workers in the PHP-FPM pool heavily limited, it means that these "waiting" processes can hold up legitimate processes. We have things in place that should generally limit the number of active proxy requests happening simultaneously to about 10 (which is the number of simultaneous requests from certain browsers). If you're pool is smaller than that and you just activated the proxy (meaning significant refreshes) on a busy board, you could trigger these limits. In general, you'd need to increase the pool size.


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Are you running PHP-FPM?
We run Litespeed.

I'm having @MattW look into it later today to optimize it for us, if we run into any trouble I'll open a ticket with XenForo :)

Our server seems to be able to handle the load, we were no where near the cpu/ram limits, but the proxy brought the site to a standstill. I think its a matter of optimization, however if we run into any trouble I'll open up a ticket.