XF 1.2 Forum just Crashed

Regina Ortega

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I've a dilema here. Hope someone can help me.

Im hosted in the same provider since march. Everything was running properly until this week.

My forum just "crashed" or it's not connecting to MySQL: As you can see there's a message: "An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later."

I didnt even did anything in my vds (where im hosting it) neither my forum; since i installed it.

I tried to join to my vds by vnc, but the windows show me this message: (Picture)

I dont really know what to do. Hope someone can help me.

Relevant Data:

Operative System: CentOS 6.4 (Linux)
My main website is hosted in the same vds but with different ip than my forum. But it's normal still online without any problem.
Vds is 1gb ram and 1 single core with 100gb raid.
Around 600 members and just 2500 messages in total in my forum. (Hard to overload its resources)

A friend of mine told me that an address has been changed, but i dont know what it may be. Thank you for your help. If u need more info, please ask me.
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Regina Ortega

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Hello, thanks for your answers; I dont run Cpanel, i installed webmin, but i lost the access because of iptables (my ip changed and it dont allow my new ip to join into it; i only have my vnc as resource; and when i try to join throught my vnc that windows is what i see.)

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Mike Edge

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Put in a ticket and request your host to reboot your server. They should also be able to access your server via network to white list your new IP to IPTABLES.