XF 1.2 forum is broken


help my community is broken, i dont know how to fix this.
i tried to upgrade to 1.2.0 from 1.1.5, now i cannot go to my community. I try to go to dipolog.com/community/install
this will appear first, and fill up the detail
after i click log in, it will come to this

i dont know,what happen. what to do? please help me


Jake Bunce

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At the very least the auth error means a file is missing. You should re-upload all 1.2 files and try again.

Did you already finish the upgrade? Or is it still in process?


thank you for your fast reply, i appreciate it
i already finish the upgrade a while ago, but a staff of us rename the community folder the 1.2.0 in our cpanel to community1 and extract our old community folder which is 1.1.5, and when she see the error she erase the community folder which she extracted the 1.1.5, and this error happend. Should i re-upload all 1.2 files and try again.?


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it's for before, not after.
Your errors are coming from incompatible style and addons. Try to find and update all of them to 1.2-version


I found out that Tag Me, Xen Tag, TMS plug ins are the cause of the errors above, so i disable them.
but this errors, i dont know where to fix it or locate what causing it.
what to do?any idea how to fix it?
and this