Fixed Forum input "required" texts, thread fields display location

Affected version
2.0 Preview 10
Hi, minor/small issues to report of.

First issue is minor. The 'Star Rating' Option... "required" text is not title-case - shows as "required", does not conform to the rest of the required input text value showing "Required".

Second issue is minor. Multi-Choice Dropdown does not show the "Required" text when the field is set as required.

Third issue is cosmetic and minor. Within the field display location setting, one would expect that "Before Message" display location setting would make all the custom input fields show above the new thread input box. Would conform to the final thread's display location once posted.


XenForo developer
Staff member
The first two issues here have been fixed since DP10, and the third was a conscious decision on our part, because of the awkward appearance of the two-column fields above the single-column title and message fields.

For what it's worth, it's a pretty simple template edit if you wanted to do a custom version for your own purposes.