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Forum Has Disappeared

Hi i am a little worried as i was in my forum while my admin panel then i went to my forum and i am just getting a white page but i can still access my admin panel okay.The last thing i did was install forum runner which i have now canceled the account and deleted the files of my server please help me as i have done so much work since we installed the forum two days ago

My forum can be found at http://chattersite.com


Well-known member
Were you working on adding a new front-end, like a portal page, or were you modifying your .htaccess file for any reason? Is your 'index.php' the original XF file?

Your forums are still there (eg: http://chattersite.com/find-new/10/threads) but the route to the forum index page is not working (your blank page).


Formerly CyclingTribe
You may have messed up the skin templates - try reverting back to the default style (setting it load as default) and then see if your site loads properly again?