Forum Guidelines/Posting Rules Page


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Hi All,

This question is more related to those people using XenForo and the 'pages' function.

Essentially, we are considering to build out a few pages but I wanted to see some examples of how or where you are posting your forum guidelines or posting rules. Right now, we have a separate privacy page and user [acceptable use] agreement but we have a separate thread (stickied) that we refer people to for forum guidelines. I believe having a dedicated page link to our forum guidelines or rules would be more ideal and look more professional. We're also going to have to add a section about infraction/warning points.... basically to ensure that our moderators are fairly applying warnings to those who really need be called out.

If you're using XenForo pages for this, we'd love to see some formatting or design examples that can be accomplished with XenForo pages.

tl;dr :) - Would like to see some examples of rule pages done in XenForo pages to help kick start some design implementation ideas.


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Thanks Brogan and RoldanLT, I kind of overlooked that part of 1.4.... that actually makes more sense to use. (y)