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I'm not a big fan of a site plastered with ads all flashing and making things hard to focus on. I only run one banner. Plus I have the Competitions for xenForo which is another way to sell "ads", give back to your members and maybe pick up more.

One other thing I like to have a a flyer. Have it so that vendors/advertisers can post specials in the "flyer" and the people interested can look at it and take advantage of anything that might be of interest to them. But it isn't in the face of all members. Maybe have an alert pop up when a new flyer is posted, and remove it after they click on it. That way people can look at it and then not pressured by it again till the next one (one week, two weeks or a month). Maybe have tabs for different types of products. And be able to give a different price to each add location.

It would be great if they could upload a banner or picture, have a text box for the offer/sales pitch and a link to their website (the picture or banner could go right to the product being offered).

A Cole's Note version of the features
  • Tabs for separate sections
  • Be able to price each ad spot
  • Have a alert on the tab (like the one competitions uses) to let users know of new offers
  • Have the alert go away after they check it.
  • Maybe have the alert pop up once more the day before it ends. (have it as an option)
  • Have it count views and clicks to each ad
  • Maybe have a check box so that a member can ask to be reminded about the ad
  • Have a spot for the vender/advertiser to upload a picture or banner, text box for info on the offer and a spot for a link to the website (do follow if possible)
Anyone have an opinion on this?