Design issue  Forum descriptions show up briefly underneath forum names


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As of lately it seems that the forums descriptions show up briefly underneath the forum names when this page is loaded: (At least on my system here at work). After a split second they disappear and can be found inside the popup on mouseover.

Not a big issue ofcourse, but it looks a bit weird this behaviour.


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make sense?
the descriptions are a blockquote that are hidden (using css) and revealed using javascript (jquery)

<blockquote class="nodeDescription baseHtml" id="nodeDescription-3">This forum will contain a feature spotlight and general hints and tips to help you discover all that XenForo holds.</blockquote>


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Our JS executes after the HTML is loaded, so this can create a short window where the page is rendered but the JS hasn't run. This behavior varies from browser to browser, so it's hard to prevent (in a generic way).