Duplicate Forum delete / no thread ?


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Hi, I deleted all my forums on a copy of my site and it is as if the messages were still in the database, when I empty the cache that explores all:

All forum deleted




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Hi Zephyr, where do you see your messages exactly? If you are using XenPorta for your site home, go check each block's options to see wether data is cached.

AdminCP > Blocs (in the left menu) > Click on each block

If cache is enabled, then this is normal behaviour : just uncheck the corresponding option.


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Yes, Xenforo currently lacks the deletion of threads if you delete a forum. This is one of many missing mass administration features. You have to delete ALL threads in that forum manually before you delete the forum itself.

And in case you ask: No, there is no feature to find orphaned threads to be able to delete them.