XF 2.2 Rogue Threads Due to Prior Forum Delete Failure


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I have 1000's of rogue threads that are not attached to a forum due to an issue where my previous delete jobs got messed up. Basically when I deleted a node with a bunch of threads, it was supposed to delete all these threads with it but it failed. I couldn't seem to resume the job so I had to just try and delete it using the batch thread updates feature.

Is there a proper way of dealing with this?

My php run jobs keeps timing out too.
I'm using batch update threads to delete them but it hangs at 1000 threads deleted. So frustrating...
I wonder if cloudflare is interfering somehow.

Batch deleting of users worked just fine.

Now i'm stuck with all of these resources since I can't batch delete resources and @Ozzy47 's addon doesn't work either. Can someone help :(
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