XF 1.4 Form Text Issue

Shawn Gossman

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Got a member saying that when posting messages on the chat box or filling out the create new gallery album form box, they do not see the text they are typing. They are using Chrome. I asked them to try another browser and they used FireFox and it worked fine. I tried it with Chromodo (chrome based browser for Comodo Security) and all worked fine for me.

I know these are modifications but I wondered if it was something else to do with the forum software. Maybe a bug with Chrome? Not sure.

Any thoughts?


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Could you have them provide a screenshot and could you possibly provide a test account with reproduction steps?


XenForo developer
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If you can't reproduce it, it seems unlikely to be caused by the forum software itself. The only thing I could think of that would cause that is making the input background and text colors the same. A screenshot from them might be useful, but it could be caused by an add-on/custom style or it could be caused by something with the user's browser configuration.

Shawn Gossman

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The user said everything returned to normal, mysteriously. So I am thinking maybe a browser issue. Sometimes I am unable to get dropdowns to drop down and by exiting the browser and restarting it, it fixes itself. So for now, we'll just call it a browser issue and I will monitor it to see if it reoccurs. Nonetheless, thanks for the help, folks.