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Fixed Form filler doesn't work well with Disabler

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If I attempted to update a value of a radio which had a dependent text field then the Disabler doesn't mark the text field as enabled.

Best example would if extended class XF\Pub\View\Member\WarnFill and used this code

namespace SV\WarningImprovements\XF\Pub\View\Member;

* Extends \XF\Pub\View\Member\WarnFill
class WarnFill extends XFCP_WarnFill
    public function renderJson()
        $response = parent::renderJson();

        $response['formValues']['input[name=content_action][value="public"]'] = 1;

        return $response;
Above code will make the radio button checked but the Disabler never does its magic stuff.
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