Forcing the order of "sticky" posts...


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Is there a friendly way of forcing the order that sticky posts are displayed. Obviously by default they are shown in the reverse order in which they were added.

Although I never did it, in IP.Board you can force the order by changing the unix date of a post directly in the database, is this possible in XF also? i've not delved into the DB yet...


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Changing the time (post_date) in the DB should work (xf_thread table) but I haven't actually tried it in XenForo.

Other than that, there is no other way of setting the order.


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Mmmm ok, i'll give that a go I think when i'm feeling adventurous.
Ok I felt adventurous...changing the unix post date works exactly as I thought it would.

What would be another good addon would be a post "touch" feature whereby we can change the date of ALL of the topics on the forum in a single hit, ideal for community launches. Mind you, by directly altering the unix date in the DB you could run a MySQL query to do the same thing...


I also have right now the problem that there is no way to order the sticky threads :eek:
Shouldn't`t this be a core feature?

It will happen very often that you want to define the order of sticky posts.

I know there is a paid plugin available - but maybe since 2011 - we got another possibility to order sticky posts and I don`t know it :sleep: