Force users to select User groups when registering.


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Hi everyone,

Let users compulsorily select a User group when registering. The User groups to be selected can be specified in the CP, rather than all User groups can be arbitrarily selected.

For example:
We are a forum for music lovers, and users who like different music will quarrel about music styles.
We set up several user groups in the forum, such as "rock fans" and "symphony fans"

When registering a member, the user is forced to choose one of the user groups

We will set certain Nodes to only allow these user groups to publish threads and posts,

For example, If a user selected "Rock Fans"User groups .This user can not go to the "Symphonic Music" Nodes to create confusion.

How to achieve it or are there any clues on the add-ons available?
Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion and helped. I wish you all happy.