Not planned force to use two step verification

Fatih Ozcan

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Can you add a forum option for force use to two step verification? as you know we can make this for admin panel but we cant set it to each forum seperately?

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You can require 2-step verification for forum users, it's a user group permission.

I'm not sure why you would require it for accessing a single forum (node), if that's what you mean?

Fatih Ozcan

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Yes I know it. I have some private forums. I am giving permission to this forums each necessary user.

I dont want to open more usegroups for this. I still have alot usergroup.


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As we already have this covered in permissions -- which would allow you to require it for particular users or for the whole community -- I don't think we would add a further/separate option for this.

As @Martok mentioned, you can set the permission for users that have access to the privileged information and ensure they enable 2 step before continuing.

Fatih Ozcan

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I provided working groups in my forum. for example graphic, social media etc. I associated this to custom profile fields.

What does it mean. Users can join to working groups who want to work specified working group and I dont want to change his usergroup for attent to working group.


I am making distinction working groups from usergroup with custom profile field. in a word I dont change user's usergroup.

as @Mike said we are using 2 step verification all forum. I think this suggestion isnt hard to provide.



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Each working group would have a user group associated to them, so Graphics would have a Graphic user group, Web Coding a web coding user group etc. A user group promotion would assign them to each user group (as a secondary user group) automatically.

If a user 'joins' the Graphic working group, then you would give the Graphics user group access to specific private forums. You would also enable 2 step verification for that user group. Similarly for Web Coding and the other groups.

Note that these user groups are in addition to any others that they are in (and of course Registered should be the primary user group for every member on the website). Members can be in multiple user groups. Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs but just in case it isn't, this resource is useful: