XF 1.2 Force Style?


I've applied a new style to my forums and have disabled all other styles.

It works perfectly for almost everyone.

However for one member it reverts back to the old style whenever he logs in. He sees the new style when logged out.

He has tried refreshing and using 3 different browsers.

Is there a way to force the new style for all members? I've just tried rebuilding the user cache and am not sure if this will help.

If anyone has come across this before or can offer advice I'd appreciate it.


Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Odds are what happened was he picked the old style (or it was set for him via the ACP) and it wasn't picking up the new default style. I had that happen to me once (but I do have admin priv's so I can see them all anyway). I'm not sure if you put the style as their "default" via the ACP and then disable it if it will still use it even if they can't select it. @Brogan, if you have set one via the ACP (or they have chosen a style that is later disabled) will it automatically revert to the " new default"? I'm pretty sure if it is set in the ACP the answer will be no, but not sure about the user selectable ones if they are still present on the system but just no longer user selectable.