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Force Required Custom User Fields 1.0.0

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Sadik B

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Sadik B submitted a new resource:

Force Required Custom User Fields - Force Users to enter values for Required Custom Userfields

This is something I quickly put together because of functionality I needed in another addon.

If you create a new custom user field and set it to required, then this addon will redirect all users to either the personal-details or custom-details or the preferences page (Depending on where you have the new field displayed) and force the users to enter the new field.

If you install this addon, you should create a Notice and let members know that they have to fill the new field for them to be...
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Yes. They have to when registering. But existing members are not redirected to a newly made tequired field


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@Sadik B is this working with old mandatory custom user fields too, or I need to create a new one?
after creating the new one, the users are forced to fill the old ones too?