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XF 1.5 Force New Style on all Memebers


Well-known member
I have a bunch of styles and want to add a new style and make that new style the default style. I also want all my members to automatically use the new style the next time they visit the forum.

Once my new style is set as the default style, will the following query force all members to use the default style?

update xf_user set style_id = 0


Well-known member
As long as the ID matches that of the new style.

Or you can just disable all other styles.
I dont want to disable the other styles. Just want to confirm that by setting the style_id will force the default style regardless of the style id.

This is what I see in mysql.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Yes, 0 will set it to the default, or you can use the style ID.

The difference will be if you update the default, those with a value of 0 will automatically use the new default.