Forbidden - You don't have permission to access ../add-reply on this server


This is a strange one, and I can only assume it is a bug.
I am not a programmer in PHP & I am relatively new to Xenforo, so I apoligize if this is not a bug - but then what is it?

So I get the error when I post a particular word. The error occurs when both replying to a post and when in "conversation" with someone (i.e. private message in Xenforo) and including a particular word

Here is a screen shot of the Xenforo error pop-up:

so the word is Zyrtec
just to be clear, the error occurs only with this word, no other word triggers this error.
The error is triggered if the post only contains 1 word, being "Zyrtec" -or- if I write 100 words and 1 of the words is "Zyrtec".
What on earth is going on? A bug?
NB - I do not have this word in the "Censoring" functionality of Xenforo.

Chris D

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This isn't a bug - if it was - it would be pretty widespread.

I would hazard a guess that your server configuration contains some sort of security software. Maybe mod_security?

I would contact your host in the first instance. They may know why that particular word is banned or have some sort of log that may reveal why.

Jake Bunce

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Yeah. Classic mod_security problem. Basically your server has a spam filter when submitting a post. Ask your host to disable mod_security.


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I had to change hosts once because of tight security rules. They even blocked certain words from being posted.