Implemented Font size assistance for sight impaired visitors / people over 45!


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The problem with the default font sizes is there is too much variation between the sizes. For example the thread title has a rather large size while the information below it is rather small and to make things worse the color is shade of light gray that is extremely difficult for older eyes to see.

I use the zoom feature in and make the text size larger, but when I do this the already large text is way too large.

What needs to be done here on xenForo is to make the text that is large now smaller. Also avoid using the light gray text color.


XenForo, unlike quite a few other board solutions, is very suitable for reading and audible devices, and very easy to customize for bigger fonts and contrasting colors.


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I have this difficulty in reading this tiny text especially in grey.
Somehow I changed it to brown some time ago but can't find it again to enlarge it.
- example
under Page Title a line of description.

I looked in Style Properties
What's the name of this type of text please?