Add-on Fluid background image Add-on! (Profiles, Forum List, Threads, Pages)

oO5 Dynasty

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Basically i am looking for an add-on that delivers Fluid Scrolling background images to the entire site.
Profile Pages which allows members who have permissions to add a cool background image to their page.
Then the admin have the ability to add Background images to the
  1. Forum List
  2. Threads
  3. Pages
  4. Category's
  5. Members
  6. Conversations
  7. etc....
I think you get the point.

So I remember a few years ago when you was able to really design your youtube channel, When you added a background image it would scroll with the page.
So if my background image had a height of 1600px i would see all 1600px of that image

I am currently using a profile background image add-on, that only offers Fixed background images that does not scroll with the page. Was hoping this dev would be able to add Fluid possibilities to the add-on but that has not come to light.

I looked it up online and found some info about it.
One thing is that the add-on has to be responsive.


This Website breaks it down on the difference on Fixed and Fluid.

Also can any developer show me a website where i can start learning how to code, So i can maybe teach my self how to do these things. I just wish i had the knowledge to do things like this on my own.