Cannot reproduce  Flickering when scrolling through 'who liked message'


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I have been unable to reproduce this using Mac OS X 10.6.5 with Safari 5.0.3 on that thread. Is there any other information you can provide?


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Hm, I do have some Safari extensions installed, not sure what else... I'll try to change a few things and see what happens.

PS: I do not have this problem in other browsers.
PS2: The problem is not just in that thread, but in any thread.

Edit: removing the extensions didn't help.


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Works fine for me on Safari 5.0.2, Mac OS 10.6.4

I never use Safari so no extensions installed. I will do the update it's telling me I need to do and try on the same versions as the OP.


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Well Safari has been acting strange here for a while now, crashing daily (on any site) and I still don't know why. I wouldn't be surprised if it is related.


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It still exists unfortunately. I reinstalled OS X completely recently (10.6.6), Safari 5.0.3 still shows the bug. I can't imagine I'm the only one experiencing this?


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Have you tried updating your graphics card? It looks like its more hardware issue than software.
I'm using a Macbook Pro from late 2008 with all software and drivers up-to-date. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. I have no flickering on any site or any other XF feature, just that likes pop up when scrolling.

PS: the following/followers pop ups in the profiles also do not flicker when scrolling, so it's just the likes pop up.