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Russ submitted a new resource:

Flat Awesome - Utilizing Font Awesome to it's fullest

Welcome to Flat Awesome


Simply put... this style uses no images the default style would. The entire XenForo sprite, node icons, logo(optional text logo), and image gradients have been removed. Removed in the sense the CSS has been deleted completely so there's no loading them what so ever.

Main points of the style...
  • Free (y)
  • 100% Retina friendly :)...
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So no images will be loaded, except the logo if we want to use?
Very nice (y)
Text logo is enabled by default, you can turn that off of course.

Images still used (that I know of)

Avatars... lightbox background(not set in the css files) and lightbox controls and smilies :) are the ones I know of.
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Possibly bug?
  • But Categories don't have icons
  • User Member Card don't have close icon