Flashcoms Integration With Xenforo

Anthony Parsons

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Well... after asking them the question, they have stated they're confident with xenforo.

Now I am excited to see the results, having the new Flashcoms communicator video/audio chat integrated into xenforo for my users. Had their V5 installed previously in my VB version before changing to XF...

Has anyone had Flashcoms installed into Xenforo yet? If so... how did it go?

I hope they add the Xenforo logo to their list of softwares to install within. If not... more need to buy and get it installed in their forums! :rolleyes:

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Would only work for a smaller tight knit community.
These are used on massive communities. The community chat is not an all-in chat, whilst you can have a party chat, you can create one on one private, or small public chats... conferences, etc. You can run hundreds of chat rooms at once within itself. You can party chat with 50 others, but only stream your video to the one user in the chat, locking it out from anyone else viewing.

When I have used this for party chats in the past, then the audio is not the best, as too many get talking and its just noise... so video with text is far better... but for one on one or small group private chat... winner all round.

I wouldn't call the MTV chat rooms small... which use this.