Fixing vB quotes


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I have not heard of anyone taking this on as of yet, and as soon as I do, I'll let you know. I think linking quotes would be a very long process, depending on the number of posts you have.
I don’t know how the importer works exactly, but shouldn’t it be doable in one run? When a quote references a post, that post has to be older than the one containing the quote, so the importer should already know its new ID.
Either way, it’s an important feature, I think.


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The mapping of all the quoted vB posts id's to the new post ID's generated by the importer, would require a second pass of the importer, and quite server intensive for large boards I would gather .
Not really. There is xf_import_log table that stores IDs map (until new import is initiated). So you need to only go through all the posts and replace old IDs with new ones without needing to do something with vBulletin database anymore.