First Stab at XF Theming


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Great to see you back here and get XF under your wings. You created some custom addon for my under VB.
Look forward to seeing more of your work.


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I've been trying to merge in Twitter Bootstrap (which the rest of the site is designed in) into the forum theme, and I think I've struck a working balance.

Thoughts so far? I'll try and post some more images later on as the other areas mature a bit more.
Clam and relaxing. I like it.


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Too light for my tastes - but that's personal preference. It has an unusual layout and seeing something different like that is always a good thing. Well done (y)


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I think it's great.

Love the layout, the simplicity. Just a few errors from what I can see quickly going over it, but they seems to be relatively quick fixes. Great work. I could definitely see myself playing around with this base and using this for projects.

Adrian Schneider

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm still on the fence whether or not I want to share the theme. There is a lot of maintenance involved since it modifies a ton of core templates, but if the interest is there perhaps I'll consider it.

This one was a labor of love. Theme development is not something I'm interested in, but tweaking your own site is often the exception. :)


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Wait, you needed to edit core files and not just theme files to accomplish the look. Wow during upgrades. Great work in any case friend.

Adrian Schneider

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No, just templates. I didn't have to edit any PHP files, though there are some new plug-ins added for things like showing thread contributors, or the forum tree in more areas.

Don't worry, I'm not that crazy. :)


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I show interest as i am just starting a site using WP and XF and the WP theme is almost those colors. see the link below.

there is not content yet just a shell really until tomorrow. That theme would be a great head start.