Can't fix Firefox OS X Display Bug - onmouseover links don't display


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I recently updated Firefox and the onmouseover effects have stopped working. This happens in Firefox 7.0.1 under OS X Lion.


For example, if I move the mouse onto the "Search Improvements...." thread title, the page navigation UI should appear but doesn't.

This happens on all XF sites I've tried including here and seems to be affecting older releases of XF as well (happens on a test site I have with 1.02). I've also disabled all Firefox addons which hasn't helped.



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I'm not on Lion. However I am running 10.6.8 and Firefox 7.0.1 and I can not verify this using snow leopard.
It works as it should, on my end.


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I've seen this happen, but when it happens it affects all browsers, and other elements of the OS. The only way to fix it seems to be a reboot.

I've had it happen in both Snow Leopard and Lion.

I'd have to put this down to an OS X bug.