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Fixed Firefox, arrow

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by Zephyr, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Zephyr

    Zephyr Well-Known Member

    Hi, it's me or arrow look has been recently changed with firefox ?



    Arrow is black :S
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  2. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    It has always been like that for me in FF.
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  3. Jay

    Jay Active Member

  4. Zephyr

    Zephyr Well-Known Member

    Thank Jay :)
  5. kkm323

    kkm323 Well-Known Member

    I can't confirm this in
    mac firefox v15.0.1
  6. Zephyr

    Zephyr Well-Known Member


    /* Correctif du bug de la flèche sombre sous firefox */
    .breadcrumb .crust .arrow {
        -moz-border-right-colors: #D7EDFC !important;
    .breadcrumb .crust .arrow span {
        -moz-border-right-colors: #D7EDFC !important;
    .messageUserBlock .arrow {
        -moz-border-right-colors: #D7EDFC !important;
    .messageUserBlock .arrow span {
        -moz-border-right-colors: #D7EDFC !important;

    /* FIX for arrow */
    .breadcrumb .crust .arrow, .breadcrumb .crust .arrow span, .messageUserBlock .arrow, .messageUserBlock .arrow span {
        -moz-border-right-colors: #D7EDFC !important;

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  7. Vincent

    Vincent Well-Known Member

    That should be included in xF default :)
    Mods, please don't put this as "Duplicate".
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  8. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco Member

    Awesome fix :)

    Should be made a default for obvious reasons. It's been a Firefox "bug" since the v4.0 betas and now we are on version 17 and counting.
  9. kadirs

    kadirs New Member

    Awesome.. :)
  10. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    This is a pretty easy fix and popularly known, I hope it gets marked as confirmed. ;)
  11. shenmuee

    shenmuee Active Member

    I hate this bug T_T please fix it Mike..thanks a lot...
  12. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    This comes and goes for me with each version of firefox it's like a lucky dip. The latest version I'm not seeing this though thankfully.
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  13. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    Shelley is right, for several Firefox versions this was going on.. Like 6-8 months.

    On latest 19.x, I can no longer reproduce this.
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  14. shenmuee

    shenmuee Active Member

    I'm using Firefox 19.0.2....and still same bug.....

  15. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    What OS?

    Did you alter any of your 2d/3d acceleration options in Firefox? Type "about:config" in your address bar, and see if any of them are non-default?

    Lines like:

    Are they all set to default, including "Use Hardware Acceleration when available" option?
  16. shenmuee

    shenmuee Active Member

    I'm on Windows 8 / 64 bit.....No I didn't...I'm using default settings with 2 addons (Adblock Plus, Video DownloadHelper)
  17. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    I'm also on Win8/64.

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  18. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    win7 64bit no modifications (or line edits) to firefox

  19. Alien

    Alien Well-Known Member

    Here's a screenshot of my end, on Win 8...

  20. Alluidh

    Alluidh Well-Known Member

    Firefox 18.0.2 and 19.0.2 same Bug with Windows XP and Windows 7 (today)
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