Fixed Firefox 40+ (Aurora) date underline (possible appearance bug?)

Hi. Yesterday Firefox Aurora updated to 40 main version, and on all xenForo forums appear same bug (?) - relative dates are underlined (ex: Tuesday, 10:04 pm), full dates show normally (ex: 6 may 2015).
Screenshots for 38 and 40 version of Firefox (40 - dark theme) in attachment.
Sorry for my bad English :unsure:



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I'm not seeing what the bug is.

The time a post or whatever is posted is shown as:
  • A moment ago
  • X minutes ago (through 59)
  • Today at X
  • Yesterday at X
  • [Day] at X

Once a week has passed, only the date is shown.


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@Maru, he also stated that this happens on every XenForo installation, but only on Firefox Aurora (a dev version of Firefox). This is most likely an issue with the browser, not XenForo.


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This is fixed here, but now that Firefox updated itself to 40.0 a few days ago, for reference, it looks like the bug affects more than just forums. I also noticed it on Facebook:


On another note, they changed the tab loading colors to blue. c:


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Easiest would be to copy xenforo_reset.css from the newest version, but you can add the text-decoration: none part to the abbr selector in there manually if you prefer.