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FireDaemon - Resources on ForumHome - Display random categories, most popular resources and latest resources on ForumHome.

Note: This addon is not compatible with Xenforo 1.1.x

What does this do?
On ForumHome above the Node list, it shows: random categories, most popular resources and latest resources.

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How do i install this?
  1. Upload contents of Upload folder to forum root
  2. Install addon-FireDaemon_Resources_On_ForumHome.xml file
  3. Configure the settings (from options page) for display options.
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Categories list is random. Since some might only want a few displayed, so making it random allows all categories to eventually be displayed on subsequent page loads. But a static list will be implemented.

Also, thanks for reporting the bugs. We'll fix them and look into the new features.
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Do you plan to put mini avatars floated at left? it should look much nicer. Or even better, show a thumbnail of the first attachment in the resource instead of the avatar.


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Please could you post a fix or update for deleted resources not to appear? this makes this addon unusable since it breaks navigation.


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We will attend to mini avatars and static category list next week if that's cool.
Thats awesome and I greatly appreciate it, also can you make the "Most Popular Resources" an option to toggle to "Random Resources".

For my community discovery is really important since we focus on creative designs so being able to see new stuff every time would go a long way instead of only the popular ones which wouldn't let the lesser known authors get a chance for people to see their content.
For those that are interested, we have made all of our XenForo Addons available as a single bundle:
  • Resource Manager on ForumHome
  • Resource Manager RSS Feed
  • Resource View Count
You can purchase the bundle securely, for immediate download, at a significant discount via the FireDaemon Store.
not working with 1.2.1
What's broken - can you post a screen grab or PM me?

It works fine on our forum - which is 1.2.1. Are you using a custom style? If so, try changing to the default xenforo style temporarily and see if you can see it there. Chances are it's a style issue?

If not, then did you modify any templates?

Also, a little heads-up for everyone who purchased this addon or is thinking of purchasing it. We're in the final stages of testing version 2.0.0 which will include the following requested features (as well as some new ones):
  • Choose which columns you want displayed.
  • Display a random list of resources (changes on each page load/refresh)
  • Choose between the display of mini avatars before resource title, before username or not displayed at all.
The static/random category feature will be coming in its own update as soon as possible.
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