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FireDaemon - Resource Manager RSS Feed [Paid] [Deleted]

FireDaemon submitted a new resource:

FireDaemon - Resource Manager RSS Feed - Adds an RSS feed to resource manager.

Note: This addon is not compatible with Xenforo 1.1.x
What does this do?
Adds an RSS feed to resource manager. The RSS feed link changes depending on which SEO option Xenforo is using. RSS entries include the resource title and the resource tag line.
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How do i install this?
  1. Upload contents of Upload folder to forum root
  2. Install...
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For those that are interested, we have made all of our XenForo Addons available as a single bundle:
  • Resource Manager on ForumHome
  • Resource Manager RSS Feed
  • Resource View Count
You can purchase the bundle securely, for immediate download, at a significant discount via the FireDaemon Store.