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FireDaemon - Resource Manager RSS Feed - Adds two types of RSS feeds to the resource manager.

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i like it and its work fine but there is little issue
its not that big deal but !!

1 - its just take the resource bath
like if i change mine to to
the links in the rss show just the links for
2 - it dosnt show the frendly seo links its show the full title

for me its ok for rss to show the title in the link but !! hope there is solution for point 1 ^_^

thanks again


for point 1

i just edit the template to this and work fine ^_^
      <xen:if is="{$option}"><div align="right">
            <a class="tinyIcon2"  title="RSS" href="online/rss">RSS</a>
        <xen:else />
            <a class="tinyIcon2"  title="RSS" href="index.php?online/rss">RSS</a>
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there is small bug in the add-on
its showed also the deleted resource ( just the name , the description and the link no content )

and sorry to bother u
but my member like it and i like it and i want to see it as perfect add-on
sorry again
and hope this add-on be build in ^_^