Find where media is used?


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Can you explain more about your suggestion, please?

If you mean the New Media/Random Media block on the forums page (I can't see a reference to "recent media") then you can already click on an image and it will take you to the image page in the gallery.


Yes, it will take you to the image page in the gallery.

But what I am suggesting is on that image page, if the image has been placed inside a thread on the forum, that page is shown as a link in the information area on the image page.

So for instance if someone posts a picture of a car with a new set of wheels in their gallery, and it appears in new media. The visitors to the forum see that car and click on the image, and then they can then find a link to where that image is used in a discussion where it might be members are discussing the new set of wheels.... they don't have to find the thread somehow, they can find it by following the image.

For images not used in discussions, no links. For images that have been, links.

Basically something that says "this image is used *here* on the forum"

Does that make sense?

Jim Fox

This is an idea that should have been implemented long ago. It just makes so much sense, I don't understand why the two are not linked that way.