XF 2.2 Find the absolute path of the images


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If I try to see the path to an image carciate has the following url


but if I try to attach the image in another post via url it doesn't show it to me.

How do I find the url of the image?
Thank you
Use "insert image by url" BBCode instead of adding as an attachment.
Or if insistent to add it as an attachment, download that image to your PC, then add-it as an attachment and then have it twice in your attachment directory. XenForo does not allow the re-use of attachments very well.
You can actually just use ATTACH bbcode and the attachment ID inside and it will display in another post.
Hmmmm... didn't see a button in the BBCode button manager dealing with Attach.
Do you maybe have an add-on that is handling that or created your own BBCode?
ATTACH is XF's attachment bbcode when inserting into a post. If you use this manually you can move it to another post however it will not show the image it will show a link to it (misstated above).
I was forgetting that using ATTACH in another post only shows the link to the attachment and not the image itself.
That's where an attachment browser built into XenForo (think it's been suggested before) would be handy.
The other option is to copy/paste, but again, that just adds one more image into your files.
That's one of the functions that only admins end up using, either from a storage-saving perspective, or from knowing it actually exists.
Or power users. Granted, most every day users won't care about it as they aren't having to pay (usually) for the added storage.
It's one reason I try to encourage my users to upload their images into the Gallery and then use the Gallery Embed feature.
It would be nice if XF would actually use the gallery embed BBCode instead of unfurl if a local link to a gallery image was pasted into the post... but that's a different topic entirely.
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