Fixed 'Find older messages' gives confusing results


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I might have found a bug:

- On my profile I go to 'Find all threads by Grover', the result is a list of 6 pages,
- I go to page 6 and there it says on the bottom: 'Showing results 101 to 118 of 118',
- But there's still a link saying 'find older messages', so I click on this: the result is 4 items (3 posts and 1 profile post).

Not sure if this a bug, it's just kinda confusing that I search for all the threads I started and when it founds and displays all 118 items, the software still provides a link for 'find older messages' and then gives me a list of 3 posts and 1 profile posts. (Which are not threads)

You wouldn't expect the link (because all the 118 items are already displayed) and in relation to the search, the results of 3 posts and 1 profile posts do not make sense.