XF 1.2 find old threads with search?


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Two questions - part of the same problem.....

1. Old members with thousands of posts are complaining that they cannot find their old posts because the date range is only "newer than" etc. - NOT a range or older than!
Any fix??

2. The Search Options in XF seems to indicate that I could give permissions for more (all?) results to moderators or any user or group through permissions.

I don't see that option in setting a permission for the Super Mods, for example....


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A lot of the "negative" criteria are still missing, posts older than, not in user group, not in node, etc are all ones that would be useful.
This seems amazing to me - that it would not have been on the punch lists!
I guess I'll have to try the suggestions forum!
Isn't it simply a matter of a couple minutes of coding in the search form(s)?

So, when they say in the search options:
"This number reflects the maximum number of search results that will be found, before permissions are taken into account. Setting this too high may cause performance problems."

what are they talking about? I still can't find in the permissions where I increase this...


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I think it just means that the returned results follow permissions but the number is before taking permissions into account, so if you set it to return 300 results but say 50 are in a private forum, normal members will only see 250 results for that search,